Voices of Trainees

Globally active trainees

SPARKDOJO’s trainees come from all professions and walks of life, from business to medicine, IT, government, and the arts, just to name a few. What unites all of our trainees is the common spirit of dedication to their goals and drive for stimulation and self-realization.
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Shiho Azuma - Lily MedTech CEO

This was a comprehensive program that improved my communication skills beyond just the English language
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Koichiro Yoshida - CrowdWorks CEO & Founder

I've worked with 5 or 6 other places but SPARKDOJO was the best for presentations
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Fumiko Hayashi - LINE PR HEAD

It's really helpful that I can take the fastest route to acquire the English communication skills I need
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Hiroki Teshima - XTech Ventures Co-Founder

I’m now eager to do a lot of networking at overseas conferences
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Kotaro Yamagishi - Keio Innovation Initiative CEO

My English communication skills have improved to almost match my Japanese
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Genki Shiota - Akatsuki Co-founder & CEO

The phrases I use and the way I communicate have improved dramatically
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Miwa Komatsu - Contemporary Artist

I want to be able to properly convey the deeper meanings of my art at fairs and exhibitions around the world
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Toshi - Accounting and Auditing Firm BIG4 Consultant

I learned not only language skills but also business topics which cover topics related to consulting works as well, and I thought it was very practical
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Fujii Kaoru - Diverse Design K.K. Founder & CEO

I learned how to initiate the conversation in my meetings with business leaders, which is something I previously didn't have the confidence to do
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Rei - Japan based global advertising agency

I was able to learn the techniques to start a conversation in English, to handle group discussion, and to lead the facilitation. Mentally I was able to gain a lot of confidence.
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Ayaka – Sompo Japan Nipponkoa, Strategic Business Design Department

I was able to speak more actively and enjoy speaking since I’ve joined SPARKDOJO
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Rubia - Language Teacher

I can be more proactive in any situation, even at work.
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Risa - Executive Secretary

I’m happy I was able to find a way to learn English, even with my busy life.
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Konta - Sales Representative

Because they break things down and clearly explain each step or part, SPARKDOJO’s training is easily applicable in real situations, and I’ve also learned a lot beyond just English communication.
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Chizuru - Business Consultant

Being able to train my skills in presentation and facilitation was very helpful for me
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Asuka - Sales Representative

Because my classmates all have their own skills that I may not, I’m also able to learn something from them every week.
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Chiaki - Physician

I’ve developed many different types of communications skills since I’ve joined SPARKDOJO.


trainee article - Suzy - 外資系IT企業 エンジニア

Suzy - 外資系IT企業 エンジニア

trainee article - Sam - 武道芸術家 武楽座代表

Sam - 武道芸術家 武楽座代表

trainee article - Erika - 外資系プロフェッショナルファーム パートナー

Erika - 外資系プロフェッショナルファーム パートナー