SPARKDOJO 無料学習コンテンツ今すぐ無料でダウンロード

Global Skill Up eラーニング

英語 × ビジネススキル、SPARKDOJOの主要学習コンテンツ5つを無料で提供

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– What is your motivation for learning English?

As a doctor, I think I need more (English) skills to work in an international setting. So after I started working, I felt I needed to learn more (English)

– How do you feel after joining SPARKDOJO?

I really think that after I joined SPARKDOJO, I was able to get more skills for communicating in English.

– What are your impressions of SPARKDOJO?

As I said earlier, I don’t feel that it’s just an English school. It’s also a place for meeting international people. And everytime I go, I get a lot of inspiration from other trainees and trainers. So I really enjoy it and it’s really nice.

– How do you feel about the lessons?

It’s really intense because we always have to speak up. And we have to think in English. It’s really challenging but it’s really fun because I’ve never had that kind of experience before.

– What are your impressions of the trainers?

I like that they are really..I think they give me very honest feedback in a direct, straightforward way. So I learn a lot from their feedback. And they really see how I think. I was really surprised, every time I got the feedback message I was really inspired by how well they evaluated me and I learned a lot from that. I really appreciate that.

– How are the lessons customized for you?

In the lesson, for example, when I have to do some speech and/or roleplaying, they try to customize for my needs. Like, try to customize the settings as the healthcare field or related fields. So I really feel that they try to think of my individual goal and try to set a situation that fits me. So I really appreciate that.